About Us

Our beliefs

We believe children deserve high quality, all natural and safe toys.

We believe the earth needs more sustainable ways of production and a lot less waste. 

We believe our children deserve a beautiful earth with lots of wildlife, outdoor spaces and clean oceans. 

We created Lolo. 

Our company

Our company is committed to providing eco-friendly toys that are safe for your children and safe for the environment. We don’t use any plastic in the packaging of our toys and 3% of all our sales are donated to The Ocean Cleanup.

Mini Lolo is an independently owned Australian business that designs and creates 100% natural rubber teething and bath toys.

How did it all start?

It all started after the birth of my daughter, when I received a number of plastic bath toys and teething toys. I was aware of the danger of some plastics in relation to food, like BPA but not so much in relation to toys, so started doing some research and realised that a simple yellow rubber duck often isn’t rubber at all, but petroleum based plastics with phthalates added to make it more rubber like. Many plastic toys for babies that are on the market are not even tested for their safety! So I started looking for natural, safe and engaging teething and bath toys. That’s when I realised there were not enough on the market.

So Mini Lolo was born.


Contact us

We are here, ask us anything!

By email: info@minilolo.com

In Australia: +61 (0) 7 3076 5877

Mobile: +61 420750934