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Lolo - Blue


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The All Natural Teething and Bath Toy

Turn bath time into a fun adventure by bringing home Lolo, the friendly Dragon. This bright-colored companion also makes for a great teething toy because of its soft and squishy exterior. Lolo is available is a striking Blue color that is visually appealing for both baby boys and girls. Lolo will keep your little one engaged while in the bath, making the process more enjoyable for both of you!

baby playing with  bath stoy

Lolo's Features:

  • Unique and funky design to promote engagement. 
  • Soft and squishy parts to soothe gums and encourage sensory development.
  • No squeaky noise. Lolo won't overstimulate your child's senses.
  • An all natural toy: safe for your baby!
  • All natural paint embedded in the rubber, no paint on the outside!
  • No holes: safe to take in the water without the risk of bacteria or mould growing on the inside.

Lolo is a cheeky, brave dragon that comes from Feathertop Mountain in Victoria, Australia. He loves flying super fast, going on adventures and eating as many purple flowers as he can find!

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