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Super cute free Easter printable activities to play with your little ones

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, it's natural for children's anticipation to begin to build up. As they dream of Easter baskets filled with sugary snacks, you can divert their attention by getting them to focus on these fun activities instead.

Whether you need games to fill a rainy day or want to decorate the house for the holidays together, these printable sheets are ready to be put to use- and they're all completely free. 

Coloring Pages

Every child loves to color, and these whimsical coloring pages will make the process even more fun.

Super Cool Rabbit

Cool Rabbit Coloring Page Easter Mini Lolo


Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath Color In Mini Lolo

Super Cute Easter Eggs

Cool Easter Eggs Color In Mini Lolo

Connect the Dots

Not only are connect the dots puzzles good for counting skills, they aid hand-eye coordination as well, which makes them a smart way to spend some free time with your little one.

Happy Easter 

Dot to Dot Happy Easter Mini Lolo

Funny Bunny 

  Dot to Dot Cute Bunny Mini Lolo

Easter Bingo

A game of bingo is fun for the whole family! With this version, every called out clue is part of the Easter theme. Make sure to print out all eight boards for plenty of variation, and get the gang together to start a game.

 Easter Bingo 

Easter Bingo Mini Lolo




What are other great Easter Activities you like to do with your children?
Leave your comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Hope you and your little ones have lot's of fun. 

Happy Easter



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