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Why Mini Lolo?

As a mom I know how hard it is to find that one toy, that grows to become more of a companion, a friend to bub. Also known as "The Favourite". It's always there when needed to soothe a cry or spark a laugh.

Three years ago, when I started Mini Lolo, I had a dream of creating a toy that could become that friend you can rely on. An all around toy that would tag along in every adventure, but also help out during the hard times. Most importantly, a toy that was safe for babies, toddlers, and the environment.

It wasn't easy to source the right materials or make sure we strictly complied with national and international baby safety regulations. But we knew that it would be worth it and we wouldn't compromise. We worked hard to get the design just right, making a toy that was natural, safe and fun and that babies and toddlers alike would just instinctively reach out for and never want to let go.

Our toys are made from 100% natural rubber, free of paints, nasty toxins and chemicals. They are sealed, with no holes so no stagnant water or saliva can get inside, so no mould can grow. And every detail has been designed to safely engage and soothe your bub with fun and style πŸ˜‰.

On top of that, to honour our commitment to a plastic-free future our toys come in a beautiful reusable cotton pouch, perfect to store and carry around. It also makes it the perfect gift.

We are based in Brisbane, Australia.

About Us

We believe children deserve high quality, all natural and safe toys.

We believe the earth needs more sustainable ways of production and a lot less waste.

We believe our children deserve a beautiful earth with lots of wildlife, outdoor spaces and clean oceans.

This is why we created MiniLolo with ♥