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Super cute free Easter printable activities to play with your little ones

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, it's natural for children's anticipation to begin to build up. As they dream of Easter baskets filled with sugary snacks, you can divert their attention by getting them to focus on these fun activities instead. Whether you need games to fill a rainy day or want to decorate the house for the holidays together, these printable sheets are ready to be put to use- and they're all completely free. 

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10 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Baby

Becoming a parent is a feeling beyond compare. Few things are as pure as a young infant, but with their cuteness comes plenty of pressure and responsibility. Feeding, clothing and keeping their kids safe instantly becomes a top priority for new parents, so much so that their time for intentional bonding with their baby might seem scarce. Babies might not come with instruction manuals, but there's lots you can do in their first few months to build up your bond and help them feel secure in their place in the family.  

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The Dangers of Exposing Babies to Plastic Toys

If you are a new parent, you know deep inside that your baby is the best thing that has ever happened to you. You want what's best for your child and are willing to spend countless hours learning from the experts the right ways to give Bub a healthy start in life. But your research might not alert you to the deceptive danger Bub is exposed to during playtime. Walk through the aisles of any toy store and you will be faced with an overwhelming conglomeration of colors and sounds. Kids' toys are designed to attract short attention spans; they are brightly covered, stuffed with voice boxes and built from removable parts. From a distance, these toys seem alluring, but look closer...

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How to prepare for a baby when you have a disability

Before I cut to the chase and tell you what you should be working on to get ready for parenthood, I’m going to share the reality of the matter. Brace yourself! No matter what great, amazing, and profound advice I give you here today, you’re never going to be fully prepared. “What”, you say?!? Yes, it’s true, no matter how hard you try you’ll never be completely ready for parenthood. Sorry to burst your bubble, but parenthood comes with a lot of the unexpected and requires plenty of graceful flexibility. So while we’re going to talk about ways you can get your life and your home ready for your baby when you have a disability, it’s also important to remember...

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Moving away from plastic

With online shopping, the number of options available to parents looking for the best toys for their kids has skyrocketed… There are so many kinds of toys – all just a click away. Many parents are now using this to their advantage and opting for non-plastic, natural toys for their babies and toddlers. The journey to phasing out plastic toys is different for everyone and parents have many reasons for embarking on it. Moms and dads are striving to be more conscious about what their children are playing with and putting in their mouths, as well as the impact these toys are having on the environment. Below are some of our favorite stories of the parents who made the decision...

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