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Lolo the Dragon - Past Collection
Lolo the Dragon - Past Collection
Lolo the Dragon - Past Collection
Lolo the Dragon - Past Collection
Lolo the Dragon - Past Collection

Mini Lolo

Lolo the Dragon - Past Collection


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Past Collection

These Lolos belong to our past collection. They are made out of a thinner layer of natural rubber, so they feel a bit squishier than our current Lolo's. They have the same quality material but for our new collections we've refined our manufacturing processes.

Lolo is a cheeky, brave dragon that comes from Feathertop Mountain in Victoria, Australia, where he loves flying super fast, going on adventures and eating as many flowers as he can find!

Unlike any other dragon, Lolo gets its colours from food colouring and is free of paints and harmful chemicals so your little one can chew and play without concerns about their safety.

Lolo was designed with no holes to eliminate the risk of mold growing inside and discourage the accumulation of dirt. Lolo will keep your little one engaged during bath time, and make it more enjoyable for the both of you! 

Lolo's features:

  • Designed for tiny hands to hold and squish.  

  • Soft yet very strong to chew on and relieve sore gums

  • No squeaky noise. Lolo won't overstimulate your child's senses. 

  • Made of 100% natural rubber, safe and very easy to clean. 

  • Free of BPA , Phtalates, PVC and Nistrosamines. 

  • No holes: enjoy bath time with no risk of nasty mould growing inside. 

We believe in the importance of creative stimulation and encouraging pretend play, this is why Lolo has been deliberately designed without a detailed eyes and nose to promote engagement. 

Mini Lolo toys are 100% free of plastic and come in a cotton reusable pouch which makes them fantastic eco-friendly toys.

Cuddly and squishy, Lolo is every child’s favourite, with smooth edges and soft textures he's always ready for new adventures and to help you sooth that teething monster!



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