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Welcome to Mini Lolo


Welcome to Mini Lolo!

My name is Lola and I am mum of two, Santiago and Valentina. I am originally from Argentina but have been living in Australia for over 10 years. We are based in Brisbane which is perfect for us since we enjoy lots of outdoor time!

How did Mini Lolo begin?

It all started after the birth of my daughter, when I received a number of plastic bath and teething toys. I was aware of the potential harmful effects of plastics such as BPA in relation to food, but not so much in relation to toys, so I started doing some research and realised that a simple yellow rubber duck often isn’t rubber at all, but petroleum based plastics with phthalates added to make it more rubber like. Many plastic toys for babies that are on the market are not even tested for their safety! So I started looking for natural, safe and engaging teething and bath toys. That’s when I realised there were not enough products on the market and decided to create Mini Lolo.


In this blog you will find lots of information in regards to nature, eco-friendly resources, outdoor activities, and anything related with kids!

Thanks for joining us and I am looking forward to share this content with you!


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