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Pipa Natural Rubber Teething Toy
Pipa the echidna bath toy
Pipa the teething toy has soft spikes on its back for a fun sensory experience
Pipa the Mini Lolo teething toy comes in a plastic free reusable packaging
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Pipa - Red


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Pipa the Echidna

Pipa comes from the land of Uluru, home of the Anangu people, in Northern Territory. She loves going for long walks, trying to discover new and interesting insects and sunbathing.

Pipa's features:

  • Unique and funky design to promote engagement.

  • Soft and squishy parts to soothe gums and encourage sensory development.

  • No squeaky noise. Pipa won't overstimulate your child's senses.

  • An all natural toy: safe for your baby!

  • All natural paint embedded in the rubber, no paint on the outside!

  • No holes makes it safe to take in the water without the risk of bacteria or mould growing inside.

Baby with Pipa in her mouth

Pipa is made from 100% natural rubber, free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC and Nitrosamines. Every detail in Pipa has been designed to engage and soothe sore gums. Your little one will not want to put Pipa down! And because Pipa has no holes, he doesn’t have to! It is safe to take our toys in the bath as no water getting inside means no yucky mould!

Besides her amazing soft texture, Pipa is very resistant and sturdy, which make her super fun for tossing around!

Pipa comes free of plastic in a cotton reusable pouch which makes her a fantastic eco-friendly toy.

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