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Our Story

Hi, I’m Lola owner of Mini Lolo and this is our story.

It all started after the birth of my daughter, when I received a number of plastic bath and teething toys as presents. I was aware of the danger of some plastics in relation to food, like BPA, but not so much in relation to toys, so I started doing some research and realized that a simple yellow rubber duck often isn’t rubber at all, but petroleum based plastics with phthalates added to make it more rubber like. Many plastic toys for babies are not even tested for safety! So I started looking for natural, safe and engaging teething and bath toys to find there were not enough of them that I liked.

So I decided to make my own.

Our Story

In early 2015 we got together with a team of industrial designers to give way to our first prototypes. In 2016, after a successful KickStarter campaign, we manufactured the first samples of Lolo the Dragon, our first toy, and by the end of that year they were available in over 25 stores throughout Australia and our Online Store. By mid 2017, after receiving great reviews from moms and dads around the country, we began selling our toys in Europe.

Early 2018 saw the birth of our second toy: Pipa the Echidna. We will keep working to create new designs that help grow, stimulate and engage babies and young children alike, in safe and environmental friendly ways.

We truly believe children deserve high quality, all natural and safe toys.